Can I have some candy?

A question every child will frequently ask. This continues until they are old enough. Not old enough to stop eating candy, but old enough not to have to ask anymore. Because we all do sweets.

Candy is a universal representative of something nice, delicious and fine.
At Van Vliet | The Family of Candy Brands we make exactly that, candy.

Our story

The family business Van Vliet was established in 1974. In that year Mr and Mrs van Vliet opened a health food store in Alphen aan de Rijn. From their conviction for good food of high quality, they noticed that there was little to no candy on the market that consisted of 100% natural ingredients. Thus they started their search for sweets, licorice and marshmallows made of honest raw materials.

The third generation of the family is working in the company. Autonomous growth and various acquisitions have made VAN VLIET | The Family of Candy Brands it is today.

We have four branches. In addition to our head office in Alphen aan den Rijn, we have a branch in Düsseldorf and two production sites in the north of the Netherlands, namely in Hoogezand and Winschoten. These production locations are strategically located in relation to the main roads to Germany and Scandinavia.

Our recipe, our law

There are thousands of recipes for sweets. Each recipe brings us another candy. Local ingredients, cultural preferences, traditions and experience all influence the final result. The one is not necessarily better than the other. It's a matter of taste.

There are at least as many ways to develop, produce and sell sweets. However, there is only one way we do that at Van Vliet, according to the Van Vliet Recipe. This recipe, which consists of three basic ingredients, determines how we work with each other, with our partners and our customers.  The basic ingredients Value Creation, Enthusiasm and Dedication can be found in all our concepts, our products and in the people who work at Van Vliet | The Family of Candy Brands.

Our brands

VAN VLIET | The Family of Candy Brand's offer is clear, but extremely varied. 

We create profitable confectionery concepts

Private label

Who would not want to have their own candy brand? With an assortment that suits you completely. With the flavors that you find the most delicious. Originated from a gap in the market, a passion or the questions of your customers. Tasty candy in your store is always a good idea. But how do you implement it?

  • Van Vliet is an expert in creating Private Labels. Thanks to our years of experience with our own brands Meenk; De Bron; Kindly's and The Marshmallow Company; we know exactly what is going on in the market. We are happy to share this experience with our customers to develop a complete product. We call this a profitable confectionery concept.
  • We know all the factors that play a role in putting a successful candy brand on the market. Purchasing, production, packaging, marketing up to and including sales and distribution, have our full attention every day. Because of this we can advise you as no other when it comes to setting up your Private Label. We do this with as much dedication and enthusiasm as with our 'own' brands.

Because the Private Labels are full members of Van Vliet | The Family of Candy Brands

Made in Holland

Mills, syrup waffles and liquorice. You can’t get it more Dutch. So are our products and our company. Our family business has its roots in the Netherlands. Production naturally takes also place in the Netherlands. In a typical Dutch landscape, east of the city of Groningen. The old town of Winschoten is situated between the meadows. Here, the most delicious liquorice is made by hand in a traditional way. Hoogezand is a bit closer to Groningen city. Here is our candy factory where a number of specials, our marshmallows and of course liquorice are made.

More than 90% of the raw materials come from both production facilities

The Netherlands. Most of it, the sugar, is made from Groningen Sugar beet.

Naturally, we meet the strictest Dutch and European requirements in terms of labor and food safety and we are BRC and IFS certified.

With this we make a high-quality Dutch product. And that is why we proudly say 'Van Vliet, Made in Holland!'


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Production locations

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We are proud to announce that we are BRC and IFS certified. This confirms our commitment to the highest standards of food safety and quality.